Types Of Plumbing Pipes - Learn What The Top 4 Are In This Post

There are some common types of pipes for home plumbing. These include PVC, Galvanized iron, and Copper. If you’re building a new home, you’ll likely want to use a material that resists corrosion and doesn’t fade. These pipes are typically made of durable plastics and are easy to cut with a tubing cutter. They are also joined together permanently with a chemical solvent. If you are looking for plumbing services in Sharjah, know about different pipes for plumbing work. 

Galvanized iron pipe:

If you are looking to replace your old pipes, you may want to look into upgrading to newer types of galvanized iron pipes. It is important to remember that old galvanized pipe is slowly being phased out, as new construction rarely uses this type of pipe. Proper installation and maintenance of galvanized iron pipes can extend the life of your home plumbing system.

PVC pipe with soldered joints:

When you install PVC pipe with soldered joints as hygienic home plumbing, you are securing the pipe to the house against leaks. The process involves melting a small rod of lead-free solder and placing it near the seam of a pipe. The solder then draws into the seam and cools to form a leak-proof joint. Ideally, soldered joints should be installed by a skilled plumbing contractor.


One of the most important home plumbing systems is the P-trap. Every drain must have a vented p-trap, as does the pipe under your sink. Houses are generally built to meet certain regulations regarding plumbing, so removing the old p-trap is not always a good idea. However, it is not impossible to install a new p-trap. Nevertheless, if you plan to add more than three appliances to your home, you should call a professional plumber.

Soil pipe:

Soil pipe is a common method of home plumbing. Traditionally, it was made of cast iron, which can contain asbestos. Although cast iron is a sturdy and resilient material, it is also prone to rust and eventually requires replacement. Today, most soil pipes are made from UPVC, the primary choice in residential drainage for over four decades. These pipes are easily recognizable because of their tree-like shape and superior durability. They can be found in any home.

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