Which Location Is Suitable For Your Business In Dubai Mainland?

Obtaining a license for your business in the UAE mainland will make the administrative process much smoother, faster, and less restrictive. In addition, you can establish your business’ connection with the government through large-scale projects. In Abu Dhabi, the government awards billions of dollars in contract work annually to private companies, making mainland businesses an excellent option for this. In addition, long-term business relationships with the government will help your company build a reputation.

Business Bay:

One of the most desirable areas for mainland company formation in Dubai is Business Bay. This dense commercial and residential area offers a wide variety of business opportunities around the clock. With its concentrated development in recent years, Business Bay has become a popular location for both large corporations and entrepreneurs. It is a highly desirable place for any type of business that requires expensive rents, products, or services.

Al Qusais:

If you are a start-up or a growing company looking for a low-cost location for your Dubai business, then Al Qusais is the ideal choice. The outlying area of Dubai has a modern infrastructure that accommodates industrial businesses, housing developments, and educational facilities. The location is also well-suited for trading businesses with low-cost products and services. Located near the border between Sharjah and Dubai, Al Qusais is a great place to open a business.

Dubai Silicon Oasis:

If you want to start your own business in the UAE, you can consider establishing it in the Dubai Silicon Oasis. The process is simple but can be difficult if you are not familiar with the ins and outs of the business establishment process. 

You can set up a branch of your company in the Dubai Silicon Oasis free zone if you have a parent company on the Mainland. The main requirement is that you conduct your business activities in the Silicon Oasis in the same way as you do in the Mainland. Moreover, you must get relevant licenses from the DSOA and the DED, particularly if you plan to perform service-related activities.

Dubai Healthcare City:

Do you want to set up a medical practice? There are many benefits to setting up a healthcare practice in Dubai. The healthcare city is close to major airports and is an ideal location for the health industry. It has access to a large pool of trained healthcare professionals and is just 12 minutes from Dubai International Airport. The UAE is considered one of the most advanced healthcare hubs in the world.

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